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Vintage Microphone


Below are links to video recordings of selected public lectures, panel discussions, and public debates I have given.

Fieldstead and Company

August 23, 2021

A salon lecture on gene editing, human cloning, three-parent embryos, and human-animal chimeras

New York Encounter 2021​

February 14, 2021

A discussion on the epidemic of suicide and mental health issues in the time of Covid, with Jeremy McLellan (comedian), Mary Townsend (St. John’s University), moderated by Margarita Mooney (Princeton).

Johns Hopkins University Nanjing Center 

Simone Weil Center for Political Philosophy

February 20, 2021

Panel discussion with Adrian Pabst (U. of Kent), Adam Webb (Johns Hopkins), D.C. Schindler (Catholic U), moderated by Paul Grenier and Susannah Black (Simone Weil Center).

University of Notre Dame

DeNicola Center for Ethics and Culture Winter Conference

January 2021

Panel discussion on medicine and public health with Kristin Collier (U. Michigan), Lauris Kaldjian (U. Iowa), moderated by William Hurlbut (Stanford).

Fieldstead and Company

18 December 2020

On the rising rates of depression, anxiety, trauma, addictions, and suicides during lockdowns.

UCI School of Medicine 

White Coat Ceremony

August 3, 2018

Keynote address, White Coat Ceremony for incoming medical students and their families

Napa Institute Conference

August 2020

This talk unpacks the origins of the crisis that played out on our city streets during the Summer of 2020. It explores why today’s misbegotten revolutionary ideologies produce only nihilism, and explains why the normalization of violence has become one of the most characteristic features of our time.

Napa Institute Conference

August 2020

Rates of depression, anxiety, stress, substance abuse, and suicide have been on the rise during the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. This talk describes these concerning trends, and provides concrete practical suggestions to reduce the risk of these outcomes and improve our mental health during these challenging times.

University of California Irvine

September 12, 2015

A public debate between Erwin Chemerinsky, dean of the UCI School of Law, and Aaron Kheriaty, physician and medical ethicist with the UCI School of Medicine, moderated by Douglas Haynes, Director of the Medical Humanities Initiative at UCI.

Due to health issues that prevent me from traveling I am no longer able to accept lecture invitations unless they are virtual lectures.

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